First Ideas

This post signifies the first of many informal discussions about the development of my proposal for an online interactive documentary. The following space will be used as a soundboard (or perhaps more like a smorgasbord) for all my ideas, thoughts, research and reflection. After having just submitted the first Online Documentary assignment, I now want to spend a bit of time thinking about what type of project I want to undertake. Below I have brainstormed ideas pertaining to the different areas of the assignment.



–       Social justice and politics

–       City planning, architecture and development

–       Environmentalism

–       Theatre and literature



Fort McMoney (2013)

I studied this documentary for Assessment 1. Its ingenious use of viewer participation + its dynamic subject matter made for an inspiring project.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011)

Stand alone film, although I have included it in this list because I am fascinated by the idea of a documentarian actually undertaking a task/challenge as part of the project. It would be an amazing experience (and hopefully amazing result) if I/my group undertook some personal investigative endeavour for this assignment.

Pine Point (2011)

The highly personalized element of this project was very intriguing and I enjoyed how they effectively the work digitalized a common nostalgic pastime (scrapbooking). It postulates a straightforward structure, but does so without being boring.

Dys4ia (2012)

A serious game about gender dysphoria. Whilst the documentary is presented and hosted in game-like fashion, it tells a compelling story through its structure. Much thought was put into how players control their characters in each minigame, plus it has a beautiful aesthetic.



USER GENERATED CONTENT: In the digital age, there are numerous possibilities surrounding the implementation of UGC. That said, I often see it done poorly. Using social media and users’ participation will be a key goal in my project.

INVESTIGATION: As a journalism student, there is nothing I like more than sniffing out a good story, tracking down sources and asking the hard questions. I hope whatever project I pursue there will be opportunity to use my well-exercised journalism skills.

SERIOUS GAMES: I think it’s a very novel concept. Can’t say I have too much experience playing (or designing) then, but it would be an avenue I would consider pursuing

MINIMUM TEXT: For this type of project, it is my belief that the less text you have the better. People switch off and there are so many other modes of content delivery that work much better in the online world.


In this early stage I also found some interesting resources that might help me later down the track.



Also this website has some great tips on HMTL5–net-13520



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