Greenspaces in Sydney Idea

So I had a little inspiration over the weekend. I went to the Sydney Botanic Gardens and was really taken aback at how the Carhill Expressway divided the whole precinct in half. So it got me thinking about urban green spaces, how they change over time and how often (as in this case) they are comprised for the sake of urban development. A couple of ideas I’ve had are listed below:

  • How the government’s idea of green spaces has changed over time. Once they were purely perceived as a recreation space, but now there is increasing demand for these places to turn a profit ( Should parks be commercial enterprises, or should they remain free for the public and without financial obligation?
  • How does an urban green space change after the sun has set à look at Hyde Park, a place where many drink and hang out into the early hours of the morning
  • Can I map green spaces in Sydney over time? I would love to access the library archives to find maps of Sydney, then transpose them to a time-shifting map/image that could be hosted on my documentary.
  • How do carefully manicured greenspaces (e.g. The Royal Botanic Gardens) differ from native bushland? Look at parks (e.g. Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills) that have a significant section devoted to natural flora.
  • Has the clientele of parks changed over time? If so, what has driven this change?
  • Changes in fencing of green space: most turn-of-the-century-built parks had tall, pointed fences around their perimeter, but increasingly these are being removed. Why do we no longer fence in these green ‘sanctuaries’.
  • Map of Botanic Gardens

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