User Generated Content

So I’m still not 100% sure how I’ll utilize content gathered from my users in this project, but I’ve had quite a lot of ideas. Not sure how possible to achieve they all are (both within the skillset of my group and within the broad capabilities of HTML5), but some of them could really help add to the immersive experience I am aiming for.



I have two main ideas about how a user’s webcam could be utilized to create content for this project:

  1. People type in what they are afraid of. Shortly after, the screen flashes with an image that is derived from searching that answer in Google Images and using the top hit.
  2. People could use their webcams to film a short ‘confession’ about what they are afraid of. Users could view these films and share them.

The main concern with these ideas is getting users’ permission to use their webcam as well as publish the recorded images/videos on the website. Kinda tricky, but perhaps beforehand I could have a quick ‘terms of engagement’ to ensure all users are comfortable with this feature. Overall however, this would limit the amount of content gathered, diminishing the effectiveness of this feature, not to mention the fact few users actually have webcams.



I’ve been thinking a lot about the ‘questions about fear’ idea I spoke about a little earlier. It would be great to have a The Test Tube inspired feature where people are asked what their greatest fear is. This data could be collected from users and displayed in various sections of the project. It could also work if I asked a similar question, ‘Who are you afraid of?’ Also, if I used the question ‘Fight or Flight’, I could provide statistics on how many users took either option.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 4.58.22 pm
The Test Tube: Users are initially asked to type a response
The Test Tube: Various viewers of the documentary appear on screen whilst a film interview plays
The Test Tube: Users’ names then appear on the screen whilst a filmed interview plays
The Test Tube: After the interview, users can then explore what other viewers submitted
The Test Tube: After the interview, users can then explore what other viewers submitted


I could compile a list of common fears and get users to vote on which one they are most afraid of. The list would be volatile and provide some great opportunities for infographics etc..


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